20 June 2008

Argue Who Dares

Oh, Germany, Germany, with all your faults I love you still, because you beat Portugal!  Oh, Portugal, Portugal, it turns out that scuzzy tactics do not always pay off and sometimes things do go as they should.  Ha!

Not only that, but they beat them with two of the sweetest goals I've ever seen (I managed to track down the video highlights on the Internet).  What a beautiful clean shot from Schweinsteiger to start things off!  Just a joy to see:  straight, fast -- dead on.  But I confess I liked the second one, from Klose, more, and not just because it was Klose.  What a pleasure to see it bounce off the hand of the Portuguese goalkeeper.  I don't mean that nastily.  I just mean that it's nice to see that sometimes there appears to be a bit of cosmic justice:  if you are a team that plays mean, you don't just get beaten with three sleek goals; one of those goals is humiliatingly close to being a save.

Although what's up with Joachim Loew? (that's him over there looking oh so Euromale.) I gather that he argued with the ref at the last match, but it's not clear to me how long his ban is.  Also, and more distressingly, there's a 50/50 chance that Germany will go up against Croatia in the next match.  Who will I root for then? Ooooo....I think it will be Croatia.  Or maybe I could root for both?

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