21 January 2009


I'm probably going to spend my whole life wondering if I'd've had more relationships if my breasts had been bigger, or if I had been prettier, or if I'd been whatever sexier is, or had possessed the Mysterious Magic Pheremone that makes people desirable.  But, in a moment of possible lucidity, I think the truth is that I would've had more relationships if I'd just stayed in the same place for longer periods of time, or had the same circle of friends for a long period (so that I'd be known by a steady group of people, with all the possibilities that entails), or, probably, looked a little less intelligent, or sounded a little less so.  And, perhaps, realised that the wrong ones were wrong ones a little sooner.

Oh, and been better.  For sure just...been better.  (There goes the moment of lucidity...)

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