11 August 2009

The Costa Leaving

Every now and again, starting last week and again today, I'll suddenly be overwhelmed by a truly surprisingly powerful sense of how glad I'll be to get back to Otherhome.  I know I'll be poor, and I have a lot of worries to contend with over there, but at occasional moments a powerful feeling - really a feeling, not a knowledge or any kind of cognitive experience - of eagerness to return, and of anticipatory relief at the relief I'll feel to do certain things there, pushes me.  Tonight, for example, I suddenly felt how much I was looking forward to getting a cup of Costa tea when I get off the plane.  This makes no sense - I don't particularly love Costa tea, or find it better than other tea, or even find it better than Starbuck's tea, which I can get here - but the vision of going to that Costa in the airport and getting a paper cup of tea, handing over my pounds to get it, elicited immense relief.  

Now, is the Costa a symbol of the country I'll be glad to get back to, or a particular experience (that kind of queue, with that kind of result at the end, that cafe surroundings) that I've somehow come to love and miss?  Impossible to say.  Perhaps both.  

Also, today I saw Julie & Julia, an utterly charming piece of ephemera involving a terrific and delightful performance from Meryl Streep as Julia Child.  I think I'll go see it again just for that performance.  What I'm now dying to see, however, is Mesrine, a film about a French gangster starring Vincent Cassel.  Why?  Well, first of all, I love Vincent Cassel:  he's a terrific actor, but also namelessly odd, and slightly off-putting, and that makes him very intriguing, and attractive, to me.  Also, I think the movie looks great.  As of now, it's only out at Otherhome, and I'm afraid it'll be gone by the time I get there.  Fingers crossed, Vincent!

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