02 November 2009

Hathing a Blog

You know how sometimes you discover something that makes you realise there are other people out there like you, and it makes you happy? Well, this has happened to me with Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog. You wouldn't think that there'd be anyone out there who would devote themselves to writing a blog entirely in Middle English - an idea I find extremely funny - and you certainly wouldn't think that there'd be very many people out there who'd want to read such a blog. But you'd be wrong on both counts! Someone has written a blog in Middle English, and it has tons of fans.

It's impossible to explain to you how funny this blog is. First of all, it employs modern idiom, but in Middle English spellings, so that at one point "Chaucer" describes himself as feeling like a "yonge lover who hath ydumped been." Second of all, sometimes it's just plain silly, as when he devotes an entire post-half to "Lynes of Pick-Up." And it's clear the writer has lavished huge amounts of time on it, so that you get carefully executed and witty things like this:

But the most delightful thing about it is that it's clear the writer and many fans are totally into it. They find it funny, too. So just when I feel like the only OCD lit nerd on the planet, with a weird sense of humour to boot, it turns out I Am Not Alone.

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