01 April 2010

No One Looks Good in Yellow

Yeah, you read that right. I'm taking a stand on yellow. There was no definitive person or moment who made me believe this, rather a long trail of people I've seen wearing yellow and not looking good in it. As it happens, this topic came up at lunch yesterday, right before I told people that I was going into London tomorrow to have my hair treated again (brief pause: I'm getting normal people's hair again!!). As you may remember, the difficulty with the treatment is that you can't get your hair wet for four days afterward. This perhaps would not be much of a difficulty, really, were it not for the fact that I refuse to wear a shower cap. I think they look stupid, and I just won't wear them: it's a principle. On the other hand, as I said to my friends, that means that if I want to bathe during the next four days I'll have to wear a plastic bag on my head (as I did last time), and somehow if we're deciding what looks stupid and the choices are wearing a bag on your head or wearing a shower cap, I think you can see how that's going to go. As M. pointed out, some principles are worth compromising. So I said, "All right, I'll buy a shower cap," and she said, "Maybe you could complete the awfulness and buy a yellow one."

So off I trooped to Boots today. God, I love Boots. They have everything - plus a superb make-up section, much better than any American drugstore. Anyway, one thing they do not have is a clearly marked shower cap section, so I had to ask an employee who was lurking around the aisles if they sold shower caps. "Oh, yes!" she was very pleased to lead me over to them. "Here they are!" And wouldn't you know it, there was a whole bin full of yellow shower caps. £2.49 a throw. The only other option was a clear plastic one with raised gel-filled dots for £5.

Now what is a shower-cap-hating girl to do when faced with this situation? I'm not going to pay £5 for a shower cap I'll never use again, but I'm also not going to buy a yellow shower cap - especially since £2.49 is not exactly cheap, either. So what's the solution to this dilemma?

In fact, the solution is quite simple: I went to Superdrug and bought a three-pack of clear shower caps for £1.49. AND a plastic rain bonnet for 75p, since it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Snap! (may I just say that in the process of finding the image above I came across a website that involved transvestites doing some very odd things with rain bonnets).

In other news, I had a bad tango night. Years of taking ballet classes have taught me that many things can make you have a bad ballet night (although it must be admitted that this isn't helped by not being terribly good at ballet to start off with), and I knew from once before that a couple of things can make me have a bad tango night -- rushing to get to a milonga, and listening to music while I travel to the milonga. But tonight I did neither of those things, and I still danced so badly (with my VTTT, no less!) that I decided to leave early. There are a number of possible reasons for this:

1. My VTTT was wearing a shirt I had made. I made it for S.A., but it didn't fit him, and purely by hap it fit my VTTT. He wrote to me tonight to tell me he was going to wear it, and I may have been thrown off by seeing my own handiwork in front of me, and on someone I hadn't quite got used to the idea of seeing it on.

2. I haven't done any ballet barres this week. I seem to dance better when I've done at least one barre in the gym.

3. I just feel off.

And I do. I don't know why. Perhaps because I'm slightly at a loose end. I have no work to do any more except for reading student dissertations, and that doesn't really require much. In fact, today I've been feeling rather bored and empty, and been worrying a little that perhaps when I don't have work I don't have anything to interest me. But whether or not that's true, I certainly feel oddly off somehow. I must have checked facebook fifty times today, and my e-mail at least that many times, and never with any specific hope or expectation in mind. So I don't know what's going on, but I do know that it's not good for my tango (but, then, I suppose neither is having no lessons that challenge me anymore, and usually having as my partner someone I've danced with a hundred times before).

Well, let's wait and see (and, according to my policy on life, also not say anything).

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Sasha said...

Are you going to have to rename your blog again? This time "Hair of the Blessed" :-)