17 June 2009

The Return of the Joke

Here is a joke, one that I sometimes think these days has metaphorical application to my own life:

There is a great hurricane, and an entire town ends up under water.  A man takes refuge on his roof.  A member of his synagogue rows by in a boat and says, "Jacob, get in my boat!"  The man says, "No, thank you, I'm praying to God to rescue me."  A second boat with a member of his synagogue comes by, and the man in it says, "Jacob!  Get in the boat!  I'll row you to safety."  The man says, "Thanks, but no.  I'm praying for God to rescue me."  A third boat comes by, and the synagogue member in it says, "Jacob, please!  Hop in my boat.  It's not a problem, and I can save you."  The man says, "No, no.  I'm praying to God and waiting for him to rescue me."  No other boats come by, and the water rises, and the man drowns.  He goes to the afterworld and there's God!  The man says to him, "Lord, I prayed and prayed to you.  Why didn't you rescue me?"  And God says, "What do you mean? I sent three boats!"

I'm here every night.  Try the veal.

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