01 June 2009

Let Someone Else Do the Talking, for a Change

I feel like writing but have nothing to say, so I thought I'd use this post to display one of my favourite poems.  It's a translation from the original Irish, and no one seems to know when the original or the translation was produced - although they know the original is from pre-colonial Celtic times.  It's absolutely unclear what it means, or even to what situation it refers.  I find it lovely, and haunting, and I like the fact that it forces the reader to make sense of it, literally: to account for its thought process and movement. Interpretations are welcome.

Lovely whore though,

Lovely, lovely whore,

And choosy –

Slept with Conn,

Slept with Niall,

Slept with Brian,

Slept with Rory.

Slide then,

The long slide.

Of course it shows.

1 comment:

Incubus said...

I would say that the woman (just a lovely woman very interested in sex, and not a pro) was after somebody she really liked to be with. Very choosy. She slept with four guys (a record for that time?), none was good enough, so she continued her search. That´s what means the "slide". A long one ;)