17 July 2009

An Addendum

Just about when I first started becoming interested in music, there was a song called "In a Big Country" by a group called Big Country.  It was a huge hit in the States, and it's chiefly known for the lead singer's guitar, which he could make sound like bagpipes.  The song had a pretty cheesy video (even by early '80s standards), as part of which all the members of the band drive ATV's across the landscape. Years after it had come and gone, and years ago now, my friend Jennifer revealed to me that in the chorus, when the singer says, "In a big country, dreams stay with you / Like a lover's voice across the mountainside: / 'Stay alive,'" she had thought he was saying, "Stay in line," because in the video they drove their ATV's in a line.  

Her thinking that, and her telling me about it, is still one of the most charming memories I have. 

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