11 July 2009

Saudi Arabia, Here I Don't Come

Temperature at 6pm:  feels like 40c/104f

I am posting just to tell you that:  at 6 o'clock tonight it was, to all intents and purposes, one hundred and four degrees (or forty degrees).  The heat plus the humidity equalled that temperature.  Knowing that, can you imagine how hot it was at noon?  I can't.  And the reason I can't is because I don't want to imagine how hot it was at noon, or look it up, because then I would know that I today I walked around in an environment that was over one hundred and four degrees, and how much over one hundred and four degrees it was.  And if I knew that I would die.  I would just melt into a little puddle on the ground.

Just in case you don't get it:  I was not made for extreme heat.  

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