09 September 2009

Oh, Noooooo!

A Bad Thing has happened. In fact, it's such a Bad Thing that I think I have to say A BAD THING HAS HAPPENED.

My VTTT might not be able to teach me anymore. He has a new job, and it's taking lots of time. He can't see me this Thursday, and he isn't sure about next week, and in fact hedidn'tlooksureabouteveratall!

But I love my VTTT! I don't mean I looooove him; I mean I love him. He's like a cross between a dad and a really cool friend! And he's the reason I got as good as I am quickly. Without him, I might not get any good-er (not better, more good). Don't get me wrong: my FTT is, of course, F. But my VTTT does the same step with me ten times, and makes me understand it with my body, and gives me body-centred explanations. My FTT is like magic, and is a much more emotional and intuitive teacher. It's the combination of the two that works for me. Plus, my VTTT is just for me, for a whole hour, but my FTT has to spread himself around.

Plus, I like my VTTT. I mean, I just like being with him in the lessons. We get on well. He's a friend. And he's part of my weeks. And I was looking foooorward to him. And now, for the next little while at least, he won't be around. And I'll feel off-balance, dance-wise. I'll feel ungrounded.

Oh, poo.

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Sasha said...

Why don't you try the teacher of the Rose? He's on sabbatical, but might have time, and he's really fun and really good :)
But it is true, losing a good teacher is "poo!"