14 March 2009

A Declaration of Love, and a Tiny Rant

I do believe I love dancing more than anything in the world.  My former boyfriend J. said to me once that he thought you shouldn't compare anything to sex, or sex to anything:  sex stands outside comparison.  I agree with this, and with those terms set out I feel safe in saying, I do believe I love dancing more than anything in the world.  All dancing.  Any dancing.

But I'll tell you what I don't like:  I don't like people who stand on the dancefloor.  I have many assumed hates, but very few actual hates.  But this is one of them.  

There used to be a group called The Dead Milkmen (whom I was required to like because they were from Philadelphia, and you have to feel pride in nice people from where you live who get famous), who had a song called "You'll Dance to Anything."  It was a very amusing song for its time, a long rant against those people in the '80's who only danced to British New Wave music (not that I was one of those people.  Oh, no).  At one point the singer tells these pretentious fools not to clutter up his bar:  "I came here to drink, not to get laid."  Whenever I see people standing conversing on the dance floor, I think of this line, but change it to, "I came here to dance, not to get laid."  Dance floors are for dancing on, people.  If you want to chit-chat, step to the bits on the side.  If you're not dancing, get off the fucking floor.  Goddammit. (and I am not someone who says fuck very much.)

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