22 March 2009

I Shouldn't Even Be Up

My illness has settled into being a cold, and while it's not as bad as it was, it's in the snuffly stage, so I'm breathing through a stuffed nose.  I should be in bed, and in fact I'm on my way.

I've been thinking this week, as I walk backward around my college in an effort to learn how to put my weight forward and lead with my feet, that it would be great if someone could invent a leading doll (and, in fairness, also a following doll).  The leading doll would be some sort of human-sized mechanical or robot device, designed so that it would exert a certain amount of force against you and could be programmed to lead you in all different directions and patterns.  Beginners could just set it on straight pressure, so that you could learn how to distribute your weight.  The more advanced could use it to practice certain steps.  In fact, although this wasn't in my original imagining, the ideal leading doll would come with arms, so that it could hold you (me), and lead me through things like cortados and volcados, which nobody I know will practice with me.

The following doll would have to be more stable than the leading doll, and it would have to be calibrated to help leaders to feel how they need to guide in order to produce certain steps.  I guess the following doll would need to have an advanced version that has legs, so leaders could get a sense of what certain steps feel like to lead, so they'd improve in leading them.

Wouldn't that be great?

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