30 May 2009


Changes, plainly, have been made.  Now, look at that header and subheader.  Aren't they great?  S.A. did them for me.  The subheader is in a font based on Lord Byron's handwriting.  He found that for me. There it is in action, people:  Good Things about Boys.

Having had a good weekend, I don't have much to say.  So instead, two random thoughts...

First thought:
Tonight I packed away my fall and winter clothes, and sometime over the next couple of weeks I'll have to pack up all the rest of my belongings, some to put in store and many fewer to take back to the States and drop off. When I return, I'll be living in a different room, in a different house.  I find the idea of that very odd, just as I find odd the realisation that when I return I'll be returning as a resident, rather than a visitor.  I mean, I will be extending my visiting position for another year, but having lived here for one full set of seasons and now (then) returning for one set more, I can't really be considered to be visiting anymore:  I live here, even if it is (and hopefully it isn't) for just one more year.

Second thought:
When I was in graduate school, I was in the unenviable and unpleasant position of deeply disliking - which is to say, disliking with a dislike that verged on enraged disgust - two people. After being in this position for a short while, I came to feel that it was simply untenable:  you can't hate everyone, as I said to myself.  So I forced myself to pick one of the two, and that's the one for whom I held onto my dislike, allowed myself to, if you will, roll around in it for a few idle seconds whenever I encountered the person.  I never did come to like the other person, - the one I hadn't picked - but I was able to table that dislike, and I acted, even to myself, as if I did like them.  And it didn't go so badly, in the end. Moral?  If you dislike two people, just pick one:  one hatred is more than enough at a time.


Rosasharn said...

I can think of two likely candidates (I think I know to whom you refer here). But I can't recall which one you decided not to hate: D or oh crap--I just lost the other fellow's name. The one in my year.

Vespertina Quies said...

I decided not to hate D, but to hate V.