20 February 2009

Let It Be Known Throughout the Land

For the first time in 13 months...I am happy.  Yes, right now, since 5:20 this afternoon, I can't find anything to be unhappy about.  The reasons for this are clear to me:

  • I had a supervision about a student's writing, and I love supervisions about writing.  Plus, it was my first supervision, and it went well.
  • I am back from the States.  There was nothing awful about my trip there, but I'm just incredibly glad not to be there anymore.
  • I have been long-listed for a job here, as in, here at Cambridge!  Long-listed really just means they want to see a writing sample, but, still, it's the first time I've made it past the initial application stage for an English job, so it's a huge step.  Plus, I figure that long-listed at Cambridge might mean short-listed at other places...
  • I'm wearing a cute dress, in which I look good, and I have received a number of compliments on it.  AND I look slim.
  • My lip gloss looks good.
I have not achieved perfect happiness - I think I'd need one or two more ingredients for that - but perfect happiness is also rather much to ask for.  After 13 months, I'll take just plain old happy.  Yes, I will!  

I'm actually happy enough that I'd like to kiss someone.  Maybe even everybody. 

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