16 February 2009

One More Thing

Is there an unwritten rule of blogging that you're not supposed to post twice on the same day?  I feel like there is, but just this once I'm going to break it.

It's been a long time since I've had a female friend to be foolish with.  I've had friends to worry over stuff with, or friends to discuss my job and life decisions with, or friends to go out to the cinema with or pub with, or friends to make jokes with, but for, oh, a long time I haven't had a friend to be a girl with:  to pore over events hopefully with, to giggle with, to cross my fingers and imagine everything will be fine with (as opposed to a friend to think with about how I'll cope if things aren't fine), to tell secrets to and be happy about those secrets. But now I do.  And it's a little bit scary, because I'm so used to worrying with people, or joining them in reminding myself to be realistic, but it's also very, very nice.  Silly, and lovely, and warm.

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