15 February 2009


Tomorrow I leave for a job interview in the States, which means that tonight I packed for my job interview in the States.  All along I've been feeling a little odd about this trip, no doubt in part because it's only two days long (how flash am I?), but also for a reason I couldn't put my finger on. As I was packing tonight I caught sight of my Marks and Spencer tights in my case, and I understood (ah, the humble instruments of revelation!  Okay, it isn't exactly still small voice, but still...).  You see, eight months ago a pair of M&S tights in my case would have been English tights amongst my stuff, but tonight they're just my tights.  Which is to say, this is my home now.  I live here, and my life is here.  I'm just going to the US for a visit.  The first of these isn't surprising to me - I've always been very good at erasing my past life very quickly and accepting the new one as if it were the only one I've ever had  - but last time I went home to the US in the capacity of a visitor I'd been living in England for a good deal longer than this.  So there's something odd about seeing that I've done this so soon, about having the experience brought home to me at such an early stage.

Humph, as Byron would say.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Humph, as Byron would say.

Or as you fellow American Lee Marvin said: "I was born under a wondrin' star". He actually sung it rather than said it, but let's not quibble.