16 April 2009


You know how sometimes nothing happens and nothing happens and nothing happens for a very long time, and then all of a sudden manykeythingshappenatonce?  Well, that just happened. My life was waiting and waiting, and it just took a big step forward.  YES!


In other news, weirdly coincidentally my friend M.  just returned from a conference, where she saw Mr. Fallen!  I said to her, "How did he look?" and she replied, "He looked...................short." Why that should have made me laugh very hard, and also made me love M., I don't know, but it did.  (He's 5'8", by the way.)

One of my favourite song lyrics comes from an otherwise-not-terrific song by Billy Bragg, called
Mother of the Bride (interpolation: I have a great deal of respect and fondness for Billy Bragg. Rock-hard union supporter, confirmed Socialist, hater of Margaret Thatcher, emotionally frank, proud East End boy: what's not to respect?). It's written in the persona of a man who's watching the girl he loves but didn't declare himself to quickly enough marry another man.  At the very end, he says, "Well, I saw them at the hardware store;/He looked boring, and she looked bored."  When I'm feeling low about past relationship losses, I remember this lyric, and I remember that quite often there actually is justice in the world, or at least spiteful satisfaction (the second of which is perhaps not very admirable, but should not be under-rated).

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