23 April 2009

A Shout-Out

I've just been skypeing with the fabulous S., and as our conversation wandered about (as our conversations tend to do), it wandered onto the path of his attractiveness.  I never can believe that S. is insecure, but he is.  So I thought, imagining that he might read this blog, that I'd put here on the large and forever blogosphere what I said to him over the skype...

I've known S. for nineteen-and-a-half years; it will be twenty this October.  And it is a complete truth to say that I've loved him all that time.  I've loved him in different ways, and with varying intensities, but I've always loved him (indeed, I loved him almost before I saw him -- but, funnily, the story of that is the one story of mine that defies written telling, and must be told face-to-face, verbally).  I think of him every day, at least once a day, and I think, truly, now I wouldn't know how to have a life without him.  I have loved him first more, and now more constantly, than anyone other man I have known.

So, S., if you're reading this, if you were my husband I would eat peanut butter for you every day, and not just over skype.  Spoon or no spoon:  your choice.

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