28 April 2009

Heads Up

When I first started this blog, I wanted to call it, "God Is Dead, But My Hair is Perfect," a very funny comment someone once made with reference to the philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy (scroll down to "philosophy, social criticism, and personality").  Unfortunately there was already a blog with that name.  So I went for Something for the Weekend, which had the benefit of being a good little allusion and a Divine Comedy reference.  But no one knows the phrase anymore, so they don't get the allusion.

All of which is to say:  I've changed the name of this blog.  Because, as it happens, I have the hair of the damned.  But I've kept the tag line, which is also a Divine Comedy reference - to "Something for the Weekend," as it happens.


Incubus said...

Girl, I enjoy your blog a lot ;)

Vespertina Quies said...

I'm so glad!